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Weird Art and Interesting Art Online

Artist Joe Moorman (Dieter Gloop's creator) has selected the following websites as some of the best art online.  There is an emphasis on art derived from illustration and animation, Lobrow, etc.  We now have a separate page for the intern's favorite weird art .

Here are some of Joe's favorite contemporary artists online. 

Anders Wollin
Probably the best emerging figurative expressive painter in the world.  Young prolific Swede is a true son and heir to Chagall. Not weird, not whimsical. Simply beautiful and engaging. 

Giant wind-powered walking machines.  The most inspiring man-made creations I have ever seen, they are beautiful and other worldly in their motions. They have undulating wings that gather wind energy and resemble giant insects in form and function. The engineer is awed as much as the artist. 

The films are all worth watching, especially the 10-minute one at the bottom of Dutch physicist Theo Jansen explaining how the things move and control themselves.  They can even avoid the water and adapt to changing wind conditions, or at least have the basic processes prototyped.   Everything is done by simple mechanisms built from a limited number of standard parts, the same type of parts that make up the legs and the joints.  Every aspect of the design is a demonstration in how complex form and behavior could develop naturally from variation in simple components. That's not just a claim.  The working designs have been evolving.  Truly amazing.  Even the sponsor advertisement played into the themes and genius of these incredible creations.

Andrzej Dragan
Dark, severe, haunting.  Dragan's photographic portraits use the model and even the photograph itself as mere starting points.

Travis Louie
Louie paints monochrome imaginative portraits. His subjects are from "his own imaginary world that is grounded in Victorian and Edwardian times. It is inhabited by human oddities, mythical beings, and otherworldly characters who appear to have had their formal portraits taken to mark their existence and place in society."

Charles Yuen Arts
Yuen seems to paint from the part of his mind that is concerned with symbols and dreams, and his works are decidedly more engaging than the vast majority of artists who claim to be doing so.  In spite of apparent rawness or naivety, Yuen's works have great visual complexity.

Hank Willis Thomas
African-American artist of ideas and images.  Thomas's concepts derive and comment on corporate exploitation of mindless consumerism in the black community juxtaposed to other forms of black exploitation in other periods in history. The branded series is particularly strong.

The Museum of Bad Art (MOBA)
Naive work is always fascinating to me, especially when it is flawed in a bizarre way or the artist's vision outstrips his abilities or the tone of the work seems to be beyond what the artist intended.  You get some of all that at MOBA plus some great wisecracks and observations about the art. I would donate some of my earlier paintings from Riverson if they wanted one, but most have been painted over and recycled.

Bert Christensens Weird, Strange & Just Plain Bad Art Collection
Bert's Bad Art is very much in the spirit of MOBA with art from around the Internet, and there is good satirical commentary.

Heidi Taillefer
Interesting integration of art and website, and the art is visually engaging and entertaining by itself.
Pieces of drawings function as links, but in a "left-handed" interesting way.

Maggie Cardelus
Cardelus makes sculptures from stripped, shredded and folded photographs.

Margi Geerlinks
Geerlinks work echoes the myth of Pygmalion with photographic images of old women crocheting babies, the creator running a boy through a sewing machine.

Margot Quan Knight
Knight produces narrative photographic series from posed models and props.

Todd Schorr
Schorr has a painting of Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny in a knife fight.

If little girls had tea parties with lace doilies and cookies and tatoos and piercings and mutilation, it would happen in Kukulaland. 

Scott Radke
Radke's marionette sculptures and drawings have a grotesque charm reminiscent of Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas."

Alex Gross
Allegorical and surreal.

Lori Field
Encaustic and mixed media painting.

Anne-Julie Aubry
Dark whimsical melancholy.

Laurie Lipton
Charcoal drawings with great attention to visual detail but fantastic themes.  Think Mexican Day of the Dead meets the old witch from Hansel and Gretel.

Elizabeth Mcgrath
Multimedia sculpture with a gothic esthetic.

Eric White
Photorealistic, surreal with subtle use of the grotesque.

Aaron Jasinski
Ranges from whimsical to haunting to sad beauty.

Dany Paragouteva
Bulgarian-born artist produces work with some "eastern" Chagallesque qualities.

Mark Ryden
Ryden's work is like surreal children's illustrations, multicolored as opposed to gothic and black, but all the "darker" as a result.

Joe Vaux
There is weird in the sense of gothic cliches, and then there is truly quirky and original.  Vaux has some elements of the latter that makes his work interesting, visual details that play off the narrative of the composition as a whole.

John Brophy

Ryan Heshka
The cartoon versions of 1950's horror movies where space aliens abduct naked bikini models.

Nicoletta Ceccoli
Images that suggest the strangeness of dreams via the use of sparsity and space to focus attention on lonely figures

Nathan Ota
Cartoon parrots wearing striped conical hats and other specific and personal idioms.

Martin Wittfooth
Scenes from dreams.  There is too much originality and freshness and mystery to describe Wittfooth's work as fantasy art.

Etta Winigrad 
Winigrad's ceramic sculptures are interesting figures and compositions as opposed to being funtional items or the more typical art-object ceramic.

Nathan Stapley
Stapley's work has the charm of children's illustrations where the narrative interpretation is beautifully open-ended.

Ray Caesar
Caesar's produces nightmares and visions a la Frida Kalo, but with his own motifs and themes.

Jonathan Weiner
Figurative work with attention to visual detail, yet also stylized and symbolic.

Michael Hussar
Hussar has a page of great alla prima painting.

Carrie Ann Baade
Intense, allegorical but not dull, well-executed.

Camille Rose Garcia
If Disneyland were repainted for skate-punks, but the esthetics were more sophisticated than the usual spraypaint or gothic cliches...

Andy Kehoe
Weird and original scenes.

Kris Kuksi
Elaborate mixed-media sculpture reminiscent of the work of H.R. Geiger.

Mark Bodnar
Bodnar's work will make you giggle.  Think 1950's cartoons gone astray.

Amy Sol
Soft warm dreams of hugging panda bears and luna moths.

Scott Musgrove
Musgrove's imagination is populated by strange creatures with long necks.

Audrey Kawasaki
Soft, sensual with Japanese influences and tastefully erotic.

Kathy Staico Schorr
Schorr's imagery derives from animation/illustration and has an ineffable strangeness.

Dave Cooper
Cooper is an award-winning graphic novelist and alternative comics illustrator, and it shows in his painting and other work.

Packard Jenning's Centennial Society
It's clear from Packard's pamphlets that all oppression and greed will end once corporations are destroyed by mass riots.  Nothing paves the way for the fascist right like shallowness on the left...

Brendan Danielsson
Grotesque human figures with tortured faces.  Dream images with an undefined quality.

Esao Andrews
Brooklyn based artist who paints scenes from dreams, allegorical, stylized, but visually engaging and chilling in their statements about a reality larger than the art itself.  The feeling of the nightmare is conveyed.

Kathy Ruttenberg
Ruttenberg includes some great figurative sculpture with naive Finster-esque qualities, a man decorated with painted scenes like a tatooed body, only clothed.

Joe Sorren
Oil painter of imaginative compositions with great use of light and dimension.

Lola Strange Art
Lola's esthetics and style might be similar to other artists whose work derives from illustration and animation, but compositions are stranger, true explorations of the subconscious mind of the artist.

Kathleen Lolley
Work has the esthestics of certain classic children's illustrations but with more dream-like ineffable qualities.

Mollie Kellogg
Kellogg's work is engaging due to an attention to everyday visual detail and an absence of the cliche and predictable compositions that are found in most fantasy art.

Kendrick Mar
Mar's work seems to derive and play off younger children's illustration. Mimimalist and somewhat dark in spite of nice colors and rounded shapes.

David Choe
Choe's vision consistently shows in his painting, drawing, sculpture and other media.

Chet Zar
"The Painter of Dark."  Zar paints grey monolithic humanoid figures with expressive faces. When I first visited Zar's website, he was having his "Ugly American" show at London's Strychnin Gallery.

Chris Mars
Mar's work is very dark and gothic, and there is an interest in visual detail that carries the works beyond cliche.

Chris Scarborough
Scarborough has series of "synthetic" people who are more real than real. They are digitally-modified photographs a bladerunner might bring for a "job" interview at the Tyrell Corporation. 

The Chapman Brothers at White Cube
The Chapman brothers seem to be the quintessential art-school type of artist.  Lots of in-your-face psycho-sexual art with disturbing imagery used for shock value.

Julia Adams
Figurative paintings with strange, ineffable qualities.  Motifs include girls in bear suits with strange staring eyes.

Matt Sesow
"Outsider" painter known for disturbed panda motif and raw expressive style.

Art Galleries

The following galleries have good online content and represent artists who produce art that is interesting and original.  I am still in the initial stages of compiling this directory.

Galerie Urs Meile
Urs Meile's world-class artists include emerging Chinese contemporary artists producing work with great emotional impact and social commentary, but effectively done so that the audience is pulled in. Concept and installation artists producing smart work with a wow factor.  The paintings are similarly engaging and informed.

Arthur Roger Gallery
New Orleans gallery with a range of art worth seeing. 

Gallery 1988
Locations in San Francisco and Los Angeles with some great art derived from illustration and animation.

Jonathan Levine Gallery
Exhibits a genre of work influenced by illustration, comic books, graffiti art and pop imagery.

The Proposition
Chelsea NYC gallery with some interesting and well-done art in different media.  Good artists.

The Alcove Contemporary Arts Gallery
Atlanta area gallery with a focus on art derived from pop culture, illustration, animation.

PPOW Pilkington-Olsoff Fine Art
PPOW is an NYC gallery "committed to representational painting and sculpture and artists who create work with social and political significance."

Beinart International Surreal Art Collective
Online gallery of surrealist, psychedelic, esoteric, outsider, fantastic, toy, lowbrow, comic, erotic & visionary artists.

Deitch Projects
NYC gallery with multiple locations in the city.  Artists include Keith Haring, Basquiat and other names.

James Cohan Gallery
Chelsea NYC art gallery.  Artists include Ron Mueck.

Cannibal Flower
Los Angeles scene gallery with an indy-rock esthetic.

Shortbus Gallery
Outsider, Folk Art and Contemporary Craft.

Copro Nason Gallery
Santa Monica Gallery transcending the limits of Lowbrow.

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